What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is patient-centered, non-invasive, hands-on health care focused on the neuromusculoskeletal system. Chiropractors practice a manual approach, providing diagnosis, treatment and preventative care for disorders related to the spine, pelvis, nervous system and joints.

What are the benefits of chiropractic care?

Chiropractors use a combination of treatments, all of which are predicated on the specific needs of the individual patient. After taking a complete history and diagnosing a patient, a chiropractor can develop and carry out a comprehensive treatment/management plan, recommend therapeutic exercise and other non-invasive therapies, and provide nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counseling.

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Our Specialties

Our chiropractors specialize in the following areas:

  • Active Rehabilitation
  • Active Release Technique(ART)
  • Acupuncture
  • Concussion and Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Manual Therapy
  • Spinal Stenosis Rehabilitation
  • Orthotics/Bracing


Initial - $150.00

Follow Up - $125.00

In-Home Visit

During this initial assessment, the doctor will provide a thorough physical examination to diagnose the problem(s) at hand and to determine the best course of treatment.

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Initial - $125.00

Follow Up (60 mins) - $100.00

Follow Up (30 mins) - $75.00

Virtual Visit

All virtual appointments are conducted using secure video software. The doctor will work to treat the area of concern. The number of sessions required varies by condition and severity.

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* Prices are subject to change due to the complexity of an individual case

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